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Binz is the most famous seaside resort on the island of Rügen. Particularly worth seeing is the closed bath architecture development in Alt-Binz, which was revitalized with much love after the reunification in 1990. Binz is one of the richest places in terms of sights on the island. In addition to the museum on the history of the spa town, the Protestant church and the majestic Kurhaus from 1908 are also worth seeing. Right next to it is the 370-meter-long pier, from the head of which you have a magnificent panoramic view of the seaside of the Baltic Sea resort.

Villa Oestereich

Villa Oestereich is a classic, listed seaside-style villa located on Putbuser Straße, with the name referring to the Oestereich family, who were the builders. The villa is particularly quiet and borders the Kurpark at the back. The beach is only 500m away. Villa Oestereich was completely renovated in 2020 and comprises 8 apartments. Together with Villa am Park, the property offers a total of 20 holiday apartments. The beautifully designed garden level features a reception with a reading corner, a fitness area, and a sauna area. The apartments in the buildings are very popular and have a rating of 9.1 on The central yet peaceful location and the loving furnishings are particularly popular.

Villa Esperance

Villa Esperance is a classic boarding house from 1906 located in the center of Binz. During World War I, the villa was renamed Villa Merkur due to its French name. In the course of its eventful history, the villa was sold by the Krüger family to the Nitt family from Königsberg in 1941. During World War II, the villa served as accommodation for war refugees. In 1953, as part of the Rose Action, the house was expropriated and managed by the municipal housing administration. After a complete renovation in 1998, the villa was reopened as Hotel Merkur by the Böhme family. Currently, a monument-appropriate redesign is taking place, preserving the character of the original boarding house. In total, 10 high-quality holiday apartments with individual wellness facilities, as well as a gastronomic commercial unit, will be created.


Together with the nearby Binz, Sellin is the most popular seaside resort on the island of Rügen. Particularly worth seeing is Wilhelmstrasse, a magnificent boulevard that was laid out by Prince Wilhelm Malte zu Putbus in 1895 and is still lined with white pension villas in seaside architecture. At the end of Wilhelmstrasse, the view from the cliff edge opens up to the historic Sellin pier. The Sellin pier is a landmark of the island of Rügen and at the same time a great symbol of the future after the political reunification.

Villa Fortuna

The complex consists of the historic main house from 1895 in classic seaside architecture, an annex building, and a rear house in a large garden. The main house is one of the oldest preserved seaside architecture villas in Sellin. Villa Fortuna has a central location and is approximately 900m away from the Sellin pier. It comprises 15 holiday apartments. The extensive renovation took place from January to June 2020. Today, all holiday apartments offer a high standard of family-oriented living. The Family Garden Homes, spread over 2 levels with large garden terraces, are particularly popular.

Villa Baltique

The Villa Baltique is a new building in the modern resort architecture style designed by architect Axel Drebing. It was completed in January 2023. Located centrally on Granitzer Straße, the Wilhelmstrasse and the pier are only a few minutes’ walk away. The Villa Baltique offers 10 high-quality holiday apartments. The apartments range in size from 54 to 86 square meters, while the penthouse has a living area of 126 square meters. Parking spaces are available for all apartments. The Villa Baltique meets the modern KFW Efficiency House 55 standard and is equipped with an air heat pump and an additional gas boiler.

Villa Burg Siegfried

Villa Burg Siegfried is part of the historic villa development on Wilhelmstrasse. It is located only 300m away from the pier in a central location in Sellin. The villa has already been completely gutted and will be renovated and expanded starting from mid-2023. There will be 9 spacious apartments and a penthouse, all accessible through the historic staircase and an elevator. Due to its hillside location, the view towards Wilhelmstrasse is particularly charming. The apartments at the back enjoy a peaceful forest setting, right in the center of Sellin. The penthouse features spectacular high ceilings and a large rooftop terrace. Most of the apartments are equipped with an indoor sauna, steam bath, and rain shower.

Villa Milou

Villa Milou is a new building in the classic style of resort architecture, bridging the gap between Haus Borussia and Villa Meeresgruss on Wilhelmstrasse. Wilhelmstrasse is the grand street of Sellin and leads from Villa Milou to the pier, approximately 600m away. There will be 8 holiday apartments, a penthouse, and a commercial unit. All apartments will feature a fireplace, sauna, and steam bath. The penthouse spans two levels and can be accessed through a separate entrance. Villa Milou is scheduled to begin construction in autumn 2023.


Wiek is considered a perfect place for surfers, kiters, and sailors, thanks to its large harbor and its location opposite the Bug Peninsula and the island of Hiddensee. Water sports enthusiasts particularly appreciate the exceptionally good wind conditions here. In addition to a wide range of recreational activities, Wiek offers shopping opportunities, bakeries, and restaurants. From Wiek, you are only a leisurely bike ride away from the bathing beach in Breege Juliusruh. The Schaabe is considered one of the most beautiful beaches on Rügen, stretching over a length of 13km. Just a few minutes away is also Cape Arkona. The sister island of Hiddensee is also worth a visit.

Holiday homes in Wiek

The new construction project for 2 holiday homes and a residential house is located in Wiek, with direct access to the Bodden on Straße der Jugend. Adjacent to it is the beautiful holiday home settlement “Zum Storchennest” with Scandinavian-style wooden houses. Directly opposite is a meadow by the Bodden where kite surfers and windsurfers are active in the summer. The wind conditions in Wiek are considered particularly good for water sports. The harbor and the small town center with its restaurants are only a few hundred meters away. The houses are accessed via a private road. The plots range in size from 600 to 2700 square meters.

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