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Villa Esperance is a classic boarding house from 1906 located in the center of Binz. During World War I, the villa was renamed Villa Merkur due to its French name. In the course of its eventful history, the villa was sold by the Krüger family to the Nitt family from Königsberg in 1941. During World War II, the villa served as accommodation for war refugees. In 1953, as part of the Rose Action, the house was expropriated and managed by the municipal housing administration. After a complete renovation in 1998, the villa was reopened as Hotel Merkur by the Böhme family. Currently, a monument-appropriate redesign is taking place, preserving the character of the original boarding house. In total, 10 high-quality holiday apartments with individual wellness facilities, as well as a gastronomic commercial unit, will be created.

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Schillerstrasse 15, 18609 Binz


Thomas Herrmann



Living area

891.5 m²


The facilities are designed to be of high quality in every aspect. The holiday apartments are equipped with real wood parquet flooring, a fireplace, and a branded kitchen. The master bathrooms include saunas and steam baths from Effegibi.


As part of the monument preservation renovation, the no longer existing onion dome will be restored. This will be planned and implemented based on historical photographic material. Furthermore, the balconies will be renewed and designed according to the historical model.

Beautiful living in the center of Binz

Villa Esperance is centrally located on Schillerstraße in Alt-Binz and is only a few meters away from the beach and the central shopping area. Despite this, the villa offers a peaceful atmosphere and has sunny balconies with a southwest orientation. The spacious holiday apartments, ranging from 60 to 100 square meters, are very high-quality and contemporary. The ceiling height of 3.20 meters and the beautiful wooden windows shape the interior design. The interior design is inspired by modern Parisian styles. Special emphasis is placed on the kitchen and bathroom facilities. All master bathrooms feature a sauna and a steam bath.

Outdoor areas

As part of the renovation, there will also be a redesign of the outdoor areas. This includes landscaping the area in front of the façade facing Schillerstraße, as well as extensive de-paving of the large plot area behind the villa. There will be no maximum occupancy of the space with parking spaces, allowing the outdoor area to be designed in line with the villa’s high quality.

The most famous seaside resort of Rügen

Binz is the most famous seaside resort on the island of Rügen. Particularly worth seeing is the closed bath architecture development in Alt-Binz, which was revitalized with much love after the reunification in 1990. Binz is one of the richest places in terms of sights on the island. In addition to the museum on the history of the spa town, the Protestant church and the majestic Kurhaus from 1908 are also worth seeing. Right next to it is the 370-meter-long pier, from the head of which you have a magnificent panoramic view of the seaside of the Baltic Sea resort.

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