Reettraum Prerow


Developed from a functional brick building from the 1990s, the ReetTraum Prerow has transformed into a charming and typical holiday dream that reflects the character of the location.

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Hafenstrasse 37f, Prerow


Florian Fischötter and Katrin Wäser



Living area

446.4 m²


Access doors designed as classic Darsser doors with colored wooden works. Spacious staircase in wood optics. Large bathrooms with rain showers. Some have individual steam baths from Effegibi. Furnishings are nature-inspired and of high quality.


New roof design with bat dormers and thatched roof. The thatched roof is made of high-quality artificial thatch due to insufficient clearance areas. Implemented by Reet-Dachdeckerei Ivert. Island-typical blue wooden cladding of the facade. 3 apartments with individual access. All apartments have balconies or access to the large sun terrace. Parking on the property with 12 parking spaces.

Typical Darß-style design

Nestled among pine trees, the Reettraum Prerow blends perfectly into the natural surroundings with its thatched roof, bat dormers, blue wooden facade, and Darß-style doors. The Darß doors are a special highlight and were designed by the local art carpentry and wood sculpting company, Roloff.

Relaxation on the sun terrace

Behind the house, there is a large sun terrace. Each of the 7 apartments either has a spacious balcony or direct access to the terrace. The terrace has been designed with careful consideration for communal use, allowing for social interaction among residents.

On one of the beautiful beaches in Europe

As a former fishing and seafaring town, the Baltic seaside resort of Prerow can look back on 130 years of tradition as a seaside resort. Surrounded by the Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft National Park with the unspoiled Darßwald forest, Prerow stretches along the Baltic Sea. The white, fine sandy and gently sloping beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. The 395-metre-long pier and the Darßer Ort lighthouse are Prerow’s landmarks and, together with the Prerow Stream, give the town its unmistakable character.

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