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The Baltic Hideaway Hotel Heiderose is a historic hotel complex from 1903 located on the island of Hiddensee. It is situated approximately 2 km south of the “island capital” Vitte, on the way towards Neuendorf, opposite the ferry island. The hotel is secluded in the midst of the Dünenheide, which is considered the only coastal heath in Germany and is part of the Mecklenburgische Boddenküste National Park. From the hotel, there is a beautiful view of the Bodden towards Rügen. The secluded West Beach, which remains quiet even in summer, is only a few hundred meters away. The hotel consists of a main building, a new building section, and a large dining area. The hotel’s garden, which is used as a beer garden in summer, adds to its charm. An extensive renovation of the hotel is planned to begin in November 2024. The hotel has reopened and will continue to operate on a provisional basis until construction begins.

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In den Dünen 127, 18565 Insel Hiddensee


Göran Keuchel, Jens Wiedenhöft



Living area

2,000 m²


The hotel complex was renovated and expanded with a new building in the early 1990s. Since then, Heiderose has been well-maintained. Starting from November 2024, the hotel will undergo renovation and complete refurbishment. A nature-inspired and high-quality interior design is planned.


In addition to the hotel, the complex includes a restaurant with a large dining area. The beautiful garden has been used as a beer garden for many years.

The island behind the island

Coming from the island of Rügen, Hiddensee offers a unique island experience. The island, shaped like a seahorse and only a few hundred meters wide, can be reached by water taxi or ferry, from where Heiderauschen House is located approximately 2.5 km to the south. Cars are not allowed on Hiddensee, so the house can be reached by horse-drawn carriage or by walking with a handcart.


The Baltic Hideaway Hotel Heiderose is a historic hotel complex from 1903 located on the island of Hiddensee.

Place of longing

Since the 1920s, Hiddensee has been known as the “island behind the island” and has been a place of longing for many city dwellers. During the GDR era, Hiddensee became a preferred destination for free spirits and those seeking an alternative lifestyle. The long, sometimes only 200 meters wide island, shaped like a seahorse, is divided into four villages: the artist village of Kloster below the lighthouse in the north, the island’s capital Vitte, the village of Grieben, and the white fishing village of Neuendorf in the south. Hiddensee offers its guests diverse natural landscapes, such as the highlands of Dornbusch in the north or the unique dune heath in the center of the island.

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