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Prerow impresses with one of the most beautiful and widest sandy beaches on the German Baltic coast. One special feature of Prerow is that the town center is located inland, about 1km away from the beach. Strandglück Prerow is located directly on the way to the beach, making it the perfect location for a beach vacation. The location on the large property is extremely quiet. There are shopping facilities and restaurants both directly at the beach and in the nearby town center of Prerow. The immediate neighbor is the Hotel Waldschlösschen, which is known regionally for its excellent gastronomy.


Strandglück Prerow is located right next to the well-known Hotel Waldschlösschen and only a few hundred meters from the beach. The property has a large garden of approximately 1,700 square meters. The building is currently undergoing complete renovation and transformation into a suite hotel. The communal areas provide space for communication and shared activities. Strandglück was completed in early 2024 and is now available to our guests.

Swedish Bliss

The two Swedish houses, located in a very quiet area, comprise a total of 8 holiday apartments. The ground floor apartments each have a large garden terrace, while the attic apartments feature a spacious balcony with a duplex character. After the renovation in 2019, the apartments are comprehensively and modernly equipped. The design of the apartments was done by the Hamburg-based interior company Studio Gärtner.


Developed from a functional brick building from the 1990s, the ReetTraum Prerow has transformed into a charming and typical holiday dream that reflects the character of the location.


Warnemünde is the seaside resort of the Hanseatic city of Rostock. With its close connection to the city and a 150-meter-wide sandy beach, Warnemünde is currently probably the most popular seaside resort on the German Baltic coast. The typical captain’s houses shape the largely closed historical development. As a highly popular port for cruise ships, Warnemünde has gained regional significance with the Rostock-based company AIDA. Unlike many other seaside resorts, Warnemünde is lively all year round and offers a variety of shopping opportunities, restaurants, and clubs. Property prices are considered the highest on the German Baltic coast.

Baltic Hideaway Beach Hotel Warnemünde

The Beach Hotel is located in the front row of the beach, right next to the famous Cafe Röntgen. As an individual boutique hotel, the Beach Hotel offers 26 suites and rooms with panoramic sea views. Renovation and redesign took place from 2022 onwards. The hotel reopened under a new name in November 2023. As part of the renovation, there was an intensive refresh and redesign of the common areas. The restaurant and lounge area were oriented towards the beach and the facade was opened up. The wellness area was also completely redesigned. With a guest rating of 9.4 on, our hotel is the leading boutique hotel in Warnemünde in terms of quality.

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